Tasmanian South East


The Tasmanian South East bioregion encompasses much of coastal eastern Tasmania, the Midlands and the lower Derwent Valley. It has large areas of open slopes, plains and hills . Prominent features include a highly indented coastline, broad expanses of hilly country and mountain ranges capped with dolerite rock. . The vegetation of the bioregion is dominated by eucalypt woodlands, eucalypt open forests, tall open forests and native grasslands, some of which have been derived from grassy woodland communities by tree clearing.


1,131,822 ha
The bioregion has a subhumid, warm climate. Average annual rainfall ranges from 375 to 1000 mm, across most of the bioregion, with the rainfall occurring uniformly through the year. Average winter minimum temperatures range from -1 to 6 degrees. Summers are mild with average summer maximum temperatures averaging 19 degrees across the region.
Grassland communities 
Lowland Native Grasslands of Tasmania