Welcome to the Grasslands

Grasslands: Biodiversity of south-eastern Australia aims to introduce and build an appreciation of the unique biodiversity of south-eastern Australia’s endangered temperate native grasslands. It introduces users to the grassland communities formally listed under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act, the bioregions they occur in, and the plant and animal species that live in them.
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The iOS App

This resource can be used on this website or by downloading the Grasslands App on the Apple Store.

The Content

Content is organised in two ways; by the type of grassland community and by bioregion. Bioregions are large geographically distinct areas based on common climate, geology, landform, native vegetation and species occurrences. Australia has 89 bioregions, and the 11 which contain significant areas of temperate native grasslands are described here.

Grasslands also contains information about a selection of easily accessible grassland sites that are representative of the different types of grassland community. These site descriptions can be accessed from either the grassland communities or bioregions pages. An interactive map interface is provided for ease of navigation.

Flora and fauna species profiles can be found under the Field Guide tab, and are also linked though the grassland community pages and individual grassland site pages. Species included have been selected on the basis of their distribution and frequency in grassland biodiversity surveys, with additional well known and important species added to illustrate the diversity of native grasslands.

Growing the App

You can help us expand the content included in subsequent versions of Grasslands. We are especially interested in expanding Grasslands coverage of specific grassland sites, so if you have good knowledge of a site and are interested in contributing, please contact us.