South Eastern Highlands


The South Eastern Highlands Bioregion covers the dissected ranges and plateau of the Great Dividing Range that are topographically lower than the Australian Alps, which lie to the southwest. It extends to the Great Escarpment in the east and to the western slopes of the inland drainage basins. The bioregion continues into Victoria. Native grasslands are found on heavy textured soils in valleys, lower slopes and broader plains between 560 and 1200 metres in altitude and are extensive on the dry plains of the Moanro Tablelands.


8,375,961 ha
This bioregion has a temperate climate with warm summers and no dry season. Higher elevations areas in the southeast of the bioregion have a montane climate with much milder summers. Mean annual rainfall is between 460-1883 mm.
Grassland communities 
Natural Temperate Grassland of the South Eastern Highlands; Upland Wetlands of the New England Tablelands (New England Tableland Bioregion) and the Monaro Plateau (South Eastern Highlands Bioregion)