Flinders Lofty Block


The Flinders Lofty Block bioregion is located in southeast South Australia and extends from the suburbs of Adelaide north to the Flinders and Olary Ranges. It has landscapes of mountain ranges, ridges and wide, flat plains. Native grasslands occur on the more fertile soils in the bioregion; clay, clay loam and sandy loam soils found on the plains and gentle slopes of low hills above 380 m altitude.


6,615,765 ha
Climate varies from north to south. The northern section of the bioregion has a semi-arid and arid climate with hot dry summers and cool mild winters. Rainfall in the north is unreliable and erratic. The southern part of the bioregion has a Mediterranean climate with warm to hot summers and cool moist winters. Rainfall in the bioregion is winter dominant with mean annual totals between 250 to 650 mm. Rainfall is more reliable in the south and higher areas of the Mt Lofty Ranges can receive over 1000 mm per year. Native grassland occurs predominantly in areas receiving less than 600 mm per year.
Grassland communities 
The primary occurrence of Iron-grass Natural Temperate Grasslands of South Australia